MuuMuse Approved: Nicola Roberts Unveils Second Impossibly Amazing Solo Single, “Lucky Day”

Dear God, she’s done it again.

Nicola Fucking Roberts, Pop Savior, the youngest member of Girls Aloud and professional Doer of No Wrong, has just unveiled the second single from her forthcoming solo debut Cinderella’s Eyes: “Lucky Day,” due out on September 18. And guess what?


Co-penned by Dan and Martina of Dragonette (who know a thing or two about a good hook), Roberts’ lust-ridden release is marked by a sparkling four-to-the-floor disco sheen, wacky warbling and an infectious spunk that just won’t quit. “You’ve got a fast car / So why the hell we driving slow? / Zoom, zoom, zoom me!” the fiery-headed chanteuse playfully taunts, no doubt one of the naughty come-ons offered up by Dragonette’s feisty femme lead, Martina.

While Roberts’ debut single “Beat Of My Drum” failed to inspire some listeners with its glitchy, full-on Diplo-produced beat and cheerleader-friendly chorus (politely bowing out at #27 on the UK Singles Chart), “Lucky Day” seems more likely to appeal to public interest with its blend of Roberts’ theatrical, throwback delivery and the song’s lush 21st century disco-pop production. (I mean, it’s worked for Lily Allen in a kinda-sorta-similar degree, yes?)

As one of the first songs scribed before officially embarking on her solo venture, “Lucky Day” finds Roberts boldly reclaiming her voice in a big way. “Maybe it’s my lucky day!” she calls out during the song’s hypnotic chorus; her dramatic Liza-esque vibrato quivering beneath each syllable.

Previously limited to hushed middle eights and killer one-liners while aboard the S.S. Aloud, Roberts has clearly brushed off her big, brassy pipes to fully let loose on her second single–literally wailing with all her heart. (Frankly, she’s giving the Aloud’s lead vocalist Nadine Coyle a mayjur run for her money.)

“When I wrote Lucky Day I had short hair and was really into 40s fashion. All of the ‘woah woah woah woah’ and the ‘ah ha’ really is a reflection of that,” The Almighty Ginge says of the song’s yelps and howls.

Thus underscores the true genius of La Roberts: Like fellow (sometimes) Ginge Róisín Murphy before her, Roberts’ distinctive vocals and personal style are simply too rich to relegate to the ranks of an anonymous dance diva crooning on top of the latest, greatest Guetta beat. At the same time, the young singer’s comfort natural proclivity toward danceable beats restricts her from ever standing too close to the edge of indie singer-songwriter/jazz lounge crooner-dom.

The result? Sophisticated, quirky disco-pop–the very, very best of both worlds.

“Lucky Day” will be released on September 18. (iTunes)

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