Eric Hirschbeck is a devoted MuuStan and Robyn enthusiast from Canada who asked to Introduuce Norwegian rap-pop star Stella Mwangi to MuuMuse readers. And I said…SURE! Why not? Read on!

“Introduucing…Stella Mwangi!”
by Eric Hirschbeck

Stella Mwangi (alias: STL) is already an international superstar.

With two albums already under her belt–2007’s Living for Music and 2011’s Kinanda–Stella has showcased her ability to write, sing, and rap: Songs like “Lookie Lookie” have a Wynter Gordon-esque sweet-girl-but-she’s-a-freak-in-the-bed approach, while raps like “Copy My Swang” show off a bossiness comparable to that of Nicki Minaj.

While Stella’s music relates heavily to other godly Scandinavian pop music (we should all know by now that all good pop music comes from Scandinavia), she sticks to her Kenyan roots, infusing her songs with a medley of Swahili words and phrases.

Just this year, the 24 year-old Norwegian-Kenyan singer competed in the 2011 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest with “Haba Haba,” earning her the number one position in the Norwegian singles chart. (Watch her performance here!)

Attitude is the only word that truly describes Stella Mwangi and her body of work. This girl is FULL of character; whether it’s on stage with her infectious smile (you can tell she actually enjoys performing!), or with her cocky lyrics, as in “She Got It/Kool Girls”: “Yeah the girl got it, I got it, some of them got it, some of them don’t / I got it bad and I’mma tell the world about it.”

Not convinced yet? Come take a “Lookie Lookie”!

And now, some basic reasons as to why you should worship Stella Mwangi:

1.) Not many girls invite you to take a “lookie.”
2.) She whips her hair back and forth.
3.) She refers to her breasts and buttocks as “hills.”
4.) Not even Robyn has had this much fun dancing alone.

In the pop world, not many artists can stay true to their image.For over four years, Stella’s kept her promise to her audience: Her music will always be playful, daring and full of attitude.