Sorry, that title should have been a spoiler alert.

Let’s try that again…


And guess what? I’m so proud of my Scherzy Baby! She’s really pulled it out this time!

Despite having only one day to shoot in between her hectic US X Factor schedule, the fabulous Pussycat Dolls lead brought pure fire to the set of the Justin Francis-directed “Wet,” her fourth single from her long-delayed studio debut, Killer Love.

Sure, the video starts off a little slow with a strut down an abandoned hallway (she seems poised to burst into a wicked routine, yet never does). But once the pool sequence kicks in, Scherzinger starts to uphold the good name of her very good Killer Love single: She gets WET!

Yes, Muusers: Writhing against a glass plate a la Brit Brit‘s “3,” the Hawaiian hottie turns up the heat and soaks down while her friends drain a pool. Why? There’s DANCING to be done. DUH.

From there on, the songstress starts to bring some serious sizzle: A fierce against-the-wall routine with some other sassy ladies! Sexy solo writhing on the floor! And best of all: a full blown dance sequence in the middle of the (now drained) pool! SO MUCH HAIR WHIPPING! SO MUCH HAIR TOSSING! YASSSSSS!!!

Sure, the plot-line literally makes no sense whatsoever (did Miss Scherzy and her crew really just bust into some random athletic facility to drain a pool, dance around and then bounce? Then again, sounds like a typical Thursday for me), but hey…who cares? The moves are HAUTE FIYUH!

Come to think of it, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Scherzy crawling around some shadowy locale and taking a quick steamy dip. WAIT! That’s the video for “Whatever U Like”!

Hey…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

“Wet” will be released on August 29. (iTunes UK)