Girls’ Generation make you feel the heat — that much is certain.

Thankfully, even with one member now out of the group (we miss you Jessica Jung — SAD FACE EMOJI), the octuplet has just delivered yet another reliably amazing dose of high energy, catchy K-Pop…and the kind of choreography that’ll leave you praying your faves are watching the same video.

Last week, the girls unveiled their latest single: “Catch Me If You Can,” an EDM-driven explosion of House beats by Erik Lidbom (BoA, Koda Kumi) and Jin Choi. It’s not only their first single as an 8-member unit, but the first to be released simultaneously in both South Korea and Japan. And…out in America, too! BEHOLD: THE EVER-SHRINKING GLOBAL NEIGHBORHOOD.

Basically, the girls have gone down to Ciara‘s “Work” construction zone with their own choreographer and turned it. The fuck. Out. Seriously. They’re not even slightly playing around with this song. Forget the cheery melodies or cutesy lovey-dovey lyrics — this is just a full-on, #Unapologetic noisy club banga for these empowered, independent Queens to pull seriously fierce shapes.

The question is: Can you keep up?


“Catch Me If You Can” was released on April 10. (iTunes)

GIF via Soshijoshi