Cher Lloyd Unleashes RiRi-Rific Second Single: “With Ur Love (feat. Mike Posner)”

For those who might not have loved the wailing, bananas o’clock frenzy of 17-year-old songstress Cher Lloyd‘s noisy UK debut, “Swagger Jagger,” here’s your breath of fresh air: “With Ur Love,” featuring Mike Posner.

The Almighty Lloyd’s easy breezy mid-tempo finds the young singer catching feelings and getting all swoon-y on top of a “What’s My Name?”/”Rude Boy”-reminiscent groove crafted by legendary pop producer, Max Martin. That’s not to say that Martin’s straight up lifting from RiRi’s ceaselessly amazing 2010 singles (or swagger jagging, if you will), but the similarities are certainly apparent in the song’s bossy drum beats.

“I’m fighting / I don’t want to like it, but you know I like it,” the former X Factor UK finalist sings.

The vocal effect used throughout is, well, interesting–it sounds as though Lloyd’s been stuffed into a fishbowl in space–yet her signature swagga-rific flow remains intact, pausing only for a brief hormone-raging verse by Posner (which gets a little uncomfortable, given that the girl he’s singing with is, like, 12 years old.) “3rd date, you’re looking at me funny / You got a hard shell, but the middle’s so yummy,” he sweetly croons. Erm.

Despite some severe criticism, the young singer’s love-it-or-hate-it debut single managed to skyrocket straight to #1 upon its release in late July. With this super duper radio-friendly groove serving as the official follow-up, Miss Lloyd’s re-ascent to the top of the UK Singles Chart seems all but imminent.

“With Ur Love (feat. Mike Posner)” will be released on October 30. (iTunes UK)

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