MuuMuse Excluusive: Sabi Steams Her Vegetables


Sometimes, in life, things happen that are so incredible they actually defy explanation. This happened to me last weekend at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, when I was brought face-to-face with rising popstrel, Dr. Luke protege, and Britney Spears collaborator Sabi, who was DJing at the Teen Vogue Haute Spot.

Sabi is best known for, among other things, making everyone in the world say “Who?” when her guest spot on Femme Fatale was announced, elevating Cobra Starship’s “You Make Me Feel” into a compulsively listenable track with her dope-ass hook, and releasing a truly superb pop-dubstep hybrid buzz track called “Wild Heart,” which you should definitely listen to if you haven’t already.

She is also responsible for literally the greatest lyric in the Britney Spears oeuvre: Her audacious pronouncement during her rap on “Drop Dead Beautiful” that a nearby gentleman has her “steaming like a pot full of vegetables.”

In what is possibly the most important news item you will read this year, I can reveal to MuuMuse readers excluusively here that Sabi not only is prone to steaming like a pot full of vegetables, but also steams vegetables of her very own. “I do steam my vegetables,” she confirmed. (It should be noted that Sabi was an incredibly good sport about the whole thing, and also looked super cute in polka dots and leather shorts. Bold, Sabi. Very bold indeed.)

When I told her that my initial intent was to bring a steaming pot full of vegetables for her, she laughed hard and said, “I would have died.” She has requested that on our next meeting, she be greeted with vegetables. (Direct quote: “Next time you see me, bring a pot full of vegetables.” Hopefully this will be included in her rider going forward.)

Sabi also talked about recording her upcoming album, due out in early 2012, which she reports will be “urban-rooted, mixed in with pop [and] alternative.” The album, she says, will also feature more of the dubstep influences that we heard in “Wild Heart”: “When I heard some of the dubstep that’s coming from the UK, I was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s crazy, can I do something like that?’ On my album, I’ve been honing in on my sound — and I might do a feature that’s another dubstep record.”

Expect the album to include more collaborations with Dr. Luke, who Sabi says is “so skilled… and the nicest guy ever,” as well as tracks with Benny Blanco, Toby Gad, and Diplo (!). Her only criterium, she says, is that “they bring me hotness.”

You’re welcome.

Thanks to Alex Goldschmidt for providing moral support, and also for promising Sabi that next time we saw her we would bring her “a bushel of vegetables from the farmers’ market.”

Sam Lansky is a contributor to MuuMuse.

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