“Backstabber,” one of the many demos that surfaced long its appearance on Animal, was always a favorite of mine from the Kween of Dumpster-Pop’s 2009 major label debut.

According to popular Ke$ha lore, a video for the song was shot many moons ago. And although photos some on-set photos surfaced in May, nothing ever ended up happening for the song…until now, of course.

That’s right! The video has finally leaked.

So what’s the plot? Well, some blonde bimbo decides to fuck with K-e-dollar sign-HA and swipe her sick set of wheels while she’s busying making her nightly payphone call to a local crack dealer (assumed, though unconfirmed). RU-UDE!

But don’t worry–K$ ain’t having NONE O’ DAT, so she comes back swingin’ after a few sweet street moves with her bad ass crew. Payback’s a bitch…that never showers.

As it turns out, the video for “Backstabber” is actually one of K$’s most representative videos to date: It’s got truckloads of glitter, leather, pervs, mussy hangover hair, growdy make-out sessions, dueling drag queens…and even some wig snatching! It’s kind of everything we’ve come to love and admire about the Almighty Trashcan With Feet.

In all seriousness though, I’m so jazzed that this video came to see the light of day! Between all the sweet choreography and fierce styling (plus the fact that “Backstabber” is such a fucking good pop song), it would’ve been a major shame if everyone’s hard work was stuck bottled up in some film canister until the end of time.


Animal was released in January of 2009. (iTunes)