These are the dreams of an impossible princess…come true!

Last month, Flawless Queen Kylie Minogue was interviewed by her very own disco diva sister, Queen Dannii Minogue, for, which somehow I HADN’T SEEN UNTIL TODAY.

During their exchange, Lady K proposed the idea of an “Anti-Tour” for fans–a stripped down set complete with B-sides and rarities that only Minogue’s biggest fans would know.

So sayeth the Mighty Aphrodite (courtesy of the Daily Express):

I really like the idea of an anti-tour. The opposite of this (Aphrodite Live). I don’t think I can get bigger than this production. It would be really great to do tiny, intimate shows; no dancing, no lights, there’s nothing flash about it. (I’d be) performing songs that would never ever, ever have a hope in hell of being in a show like this. (It would be) only fan-known B-sides or songs that I’ve just done once.

Flash forward to today, as Minogue took to Twitter earlier this morning to send out a request to fans (“Lovers, keep your suggestions coming!!! #antitour”), thus confirming that the “Anti-Tour” is not but a mere fan-boy dream to keep us all lying awake at night.

But what should she perform? There are just too many tracks to choose from! I made sure to submit my request to KM, which included “Lose Control,” “Made of Glass,” “Slo Motion,” “B.P.M.” and of course, “Rippin’ Up The Disco.” But there are still countless others!

Can you? Could you? How can you possibly even? A stripped-down concert filled with never-before-performed, previously unreleased Kylie goodies? Truly, unimaginably incredible.

Be sure to send your recommendations to Queen Kylie! For now, let’s go out like this…