Good evening, Little Muusers.

As you may or may not already be aware from my #gymprogress-filled Instagram, I – just like the Holy Spearit – am a big fan of #fitness. (Also please, for the love of God, follow me so I can get the fucking #SwipeUp feature that kicks in at the 10K mark. You can even mute me now, I don’t even care.)

More than ever, especially considering my renewed sense of discipline, I’m finding myself at the gym, listening to high energy, gym-friendly songs to take me where I need to go. (Or, if I’m not paying attention, Mariah Carey ballads can sometimes also work.) Why, then, should I not have a workout playlist?

I’ve created two new playlists, which I’ll be perfecting throughout the next few days and updating constantly, just like the main one: they’re called MuuTunes: The Workout and MuuTunes: The Comedown, named after the Utada Hikaru song (“The Workout”) and the Weeknd song (“Coming Down”), respectively.

MuuTunes remains the complete source of all Good New Songs of the whole year, period.

But these two are more curated, and the themes are fairly obvious: one is for going har-har-hard, and the other is for those moody moments in the midnight hour. A yin and a yang — just like Fantasy Twist.

I love MuuTunes, but it’s an eclectic array for #discovery purposes, so it’s not easy to listen straight through if you’re solely trying to calm down, or just trying to pump some iron, brah.

Hopefully they’ll provide you with some new finds, or with that last burst of energy in the home stretch of your sweat session, or the soundtrack of an amazing threesome with a couple from Brazil (please RT) – I don’t know. I just hope they positively affect your life in some way.

Subscribe to the playlist(s) of your desire below, available on Spotify and Apple Music.