You finished with the whole Yuyi the Mermaid thing by now? You done? Okay good, me too.

Lady Gaga might still be unleashing her ceaseless series of art-haus mini-clips in support of her latest Top 10 single “You And I,” but she’s already preparing to release a brand new single from the Born This Way era according to GagaDaily (as well as fan interactions with Gaga stylist Nicola Formichetti): “Marry the Night.”

The Fernando Garibay-produced (“Dance In The Dark”) song is one of the better cuts from Gaga’s second LP. Originally released via GagaVille, Lady Gaga’s FarmVille expansion on Facebook, the song was penned as an open love letter to New York City (did you know Lady Gaga grew up there? You didn’t either?! She never talks about it! I KNOW, RIGHT?!) and features an explosive Whitney Houston-esque chorus, pounding synthesizers, church organs and plenty of that leather wearin’, whiskey drankin rock ‘n’ roll lyricism that Gaga loves ever so dearly.

While I myself remain staunchly Team “Heavy Metal Lover” (my favorite from BTW), I can’t be too mad at this selection for Single #5–it’s a fire track, and I’m always up for supporting a Garibay production.

Still no word on a video just yet, but here’s hoping she straps on a full white Galliano wedding dress and starts rampaging down the streets of NYC, jumping on cars, making out with bikers and eventually jumping down into Brit Brit‘s manhole for a brief “Till The World Ends” dance interlude–now that’s a video I could get behind.

Born This Way was released on May 23. (iTunes)