As you might have noticed, I’ve been buzzin’, buh-buzzin’ about rising solo star Tinashe ever since her blazing Cataracs-produced buzz track “Chainsaw” first surfaced in April.

As the former lead of girl group The Stunners, the 18-year-old blossoming pop sensation has only continued to add to her already sizable fan base with gorgeous acoustic covers on YouTube, including Rihanna‘s “California King Bed” and Lil Wayne‘s “How To Love”–a clip that’s already racked up well over a half million views on YouTube.

The bubbly crooner also earned herself some recent blogosphere lovin’ after hopping out of her car in the middle of traffic in Queens to do an entirely fierce, entirely impromptu dance routine to Britney‘s “Womanizer.” (Basically: Tinashe is my personal hero, and I’m not quite sure why we’re not best friends yet.)

Now, Tinashe is finally ready to unveil her debut solo single: “Artificial People,” which you can now stream Excluusively right here at MuuMuse.

OFM – Artificial People (feat. Tinashe) (Single Mix) by MuuMuse

Released along with Orange Factory Music (also known as OFM), the same production team behind Jay Sean‘s global smashes “Down” and “2012 (feat. Nicki Minaj),” as well as cuts for JLS, Jessica Mauboy and Fabolous, “Artificial People” is an utterly relentless club banger that showcases Tinashe’s bossy speak-sung stylings with her diva-lite pipes.

Yet even if the song’s beat bangs as hard as the other songs on your typical Saturday night out soundtrack, this ain’t no errbody gettin’ tipsy in da club banger. Tinashe’s serving the tea straight up on her debut, calling out all the fakes and phonies out there: “We shut ’em down if you’re synthesized / I see straight through your disguise / We’re living in technicolor / Why you still in black and white?” the young chanteuse sing-songingly taunts.

Armed with enough filthy, rave-ready beats and alarm call synthesizers to to rival Afrojack‘s “Take Over Control (feat. Eva Simons)” and enough bratty braggitude to go toe-to-toe with Ke$ha‘s best offerings, Tinashe’s got some serious potential to soar with this supreme club sizzler–an instant smash from start to finish.

“Artificial People” was released to iTunes on September 12. (iTunes)