Queen Nadine Holds Court at GUMBOPOP in NYC, Premieres New Song “Don Julio”

In the world of modern girl group members, there are few (if any) as vocally gifted as the drop dead gorgeous chanteuse of the UK’s Girls Aloud: Mizz Nadine Coyle.

After interviewing the flawless lead of a group that dominated the UK charts from 2002 to 2009 with over 20 Top 10 singles and millions of records sold, I knew I had to invite her to headline Friday night’s #GUMBOPOP. And wouldn’t you know it? She accepted!

Stepping out onto the stage in the early hours of Saturday morning rocking a pair of killer stilettos, a glammed-up red army jacket (looking a bit like a nod to Aloud member Cheryl Cole‘s “Fight For This Love”!) a sparkling black skirt and a fresh pair of aviator shades, Queen Nadine was looking nothing less than flaw free on the stage at the Canal Room in NYC.

The Irish chanteuse delivered four killer cuts from her solo career to a crowd of screaming Nadine stans and Aloudaholics, including a thumping club remix of “Runnin’,” “Sweetest High” and her debut solo single, “Insatiable.”

But most exciting of all? The world premiere of “Don Julio” (working title, also referred to as “Save Me.”)

Like a soulful ’90’s R&B jam smoothed over with a–dare I say it!–modern, glossy Girls Aloud production, along with a killer breakdown of a bridge (which was bolstered by flashing strobes for full effect onstage!), “Don Julio” might be one of Coyle’s best solo offerings to date. It’s a major tune!

And just like that, Queen Nadine reigned supreme in New York City. Oh, and I sort of single-handedly prevented the full reunion of Girls Aloud. Oops!

For more photos from the event, please check out Guest of a Guest.

Many thanks to Canal Room, 42Below Vodka, Gild Hall Hotel, The Six Pack, Platinum Salon at Hotel on Rivington, Limo Nerd, Nicholas Ruiz and Ben and Casey of GUMBO NYC for making this night possible!

“Sweetest High” was released on June 22. (iTunes)

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