Daily B: Holy Spearit Blesses World with New Leaks “Everyday,” “911,” “Rock Star,” Abroad,” “Dangerous” and a Snippet of “Love”!


Britney Spears – Everyday

In what is clearly an offering from The Holy Spearit for my loyalty as a stan in a feature for the New York Times today, a new Godney song has just leaked called “Everyday”…AND IT IS A BALLAD.

According to ASCAP, “Every Day” was co-penned by Alexander Francis Barry and Wally Gagel–the songwriting team known better as WAX LTD (Jessica Simpson, Backstreet Boys, Nick Lachey)–and SPEARS HERSELF. (!)

Set against a simple piano melody and quiet, soaring strings, Spears vocals’ shine at the forefront of this brand new ballad, which was registered in February of this year along with Darkchild‘s “Don’t Keep Me Waiting.”

The song’s sweet ‘n’ soulful melody snuggles in somewhere between Spears’ pensive Blackout-era leak “Baby Boy” and Legendtina‘s “Beautiful” (especially after each time she starts to sing “Every day…”) Love hearing Brit belting in her natural lower register again!

The lyrics are also fairly introspective, if only because they (seem to) reflect her outlook on life to date:

Footsteps in the rain, memories wash away
Beyond the headlight glare, it’s kind of dark out there
And everywhere I’ve been, it’s hard to find a friend
I’ve got no alibis for the state I’m in

Everybody needs, needs a place to go
God knows I have seen, it’s a twisting, winding road

Every day, the sun comes up again
A little hope begins and it starts with you ’cause you get me through it
And every day, I’m closer to the shore, I smile a little more
And because of your faith, I get closer now every day

Based on the punchy, mostly uptempo tracklisting of Femme Fatale, it’s clear why a traditional ballad like “Everyday” wouldn’t make the cut (nor is it her best unreleased ballad either–for that, please refer to “State of Grace” or “To Love, Let Go”.)

Still, it’s a gorgeous little treat to keep us hungry, hungry stans satiated until we get more (MOAR). YAY for Balladney!




Love (Unreleased) – Britney Spears by MisterAZ

An 8-second clip of the unreleased Blackout-era track “Love” has now leaked!

The track is rumored to be penned by the man behind “Toy Soldier,” Sean Garrett. At least, that’s according to a thing I found on the Internet (which I vaguely recall reading/drooling over back in ’07/’08):

“Love” is a song written by Sean Garrett (other writers unknown) for “Blackout”. Confirmed November 15 2006, it was later registered in Windswept Pacific’s Monthly Report in April 2007.

Sadly the music publisher Windswept has since been acquired by Bug Music and the original site/report PDF is no longer active, but it does seem 99% likely that this is indeed the long-awaited Sean Garrett track!

Sounds so promising… AND SO SEXY! Kinda In The Zone-ney, no? Let this leak in full, Pop Gods…pretty please!


“Abroad”–the long-awaited session track from Circus, has finally arrived. What’s amazing is that the rumored lyrics–posted over two years ago–were in fact real!

The song, which was co-penned by Marcella Araica and Danja, is totally fun and rocky and frivolous, kind of like a grown-up update to some of B-Girl’s sparkliest numbers, including In The Zone‘s “Brave New Girl” or Britney‘s “Anticipating”, mixed with a bit of the crunch of Circus‘ “Rock Boy,” and just a hint of the sassy braggitude of Blackout‘s “Hot As Ice.”

“Think I just I need a getaway / Time for a break, a holiday / Time that I make my great escape / I need it now!” the Living Legend sweetly chirps.

I am l-i-v-i-n-g for this one! It’s like her own personal version of Madonna‘s “Holiday,” except she’s not looking to go out and celebrate and come together with people in every nation…she just wants to get the fuck away from the world! I LOVE IT.


Britney Spears – “Dangerous”

Good tidings to you, Spearit Army member! Having a good holiday today? Have you been out caroling yet?

“Dangerous” is the third full leak in today’s unexpected Britmas celebration…and it’s fire hot, hot, HOT!

There’s still no word on the song’s origins yet, although it does sound quite a bit like the groovy space-pop of “Rock Me In”–is that you, Nicole Morier?

“I’m a dynamite factory / Just light a match baby, you will see,” Godney purrs against the swinging ’60’s crashing drum beats and psychedelic guitars with all the sassitude of the seductive fem-bot she played in Austin Powers. Talk about a Femme Fatale!

I’m dying over all the signature Godney purrs and groans throughout–especially “dangeroussssss!” Oh, and the way she growls: “When I came back to you, you had nothing to say!” GENIUS! She’s such a Badassney on this record…Goldmember would never stand a chance!

Seriously, this would make for one sick mash-up in between “Lace and Leather” and “Gasoline”…



Britney Spears – “Rock Star”

You’re actually not ready for this one because I’m still not ready for this one.

This is “Rock Star,” the fourth leak of Britmas–and it’s PURE, OLD FASHIONED DEEPVOICENEY.

Brit’s bringing the ruff ‘n’ rowdy swagger of “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll” with a deliciously vicious “Early Mornin'” growl on this newest leak. Except she’s not here for a flirt–she’s here to shut ’em down. “You only hang around with fake people that barely even know you, kiss your ass, and love to agree with you,” she seethes. YES…GET IT, B!

I can just see Godney struttin’ through a dingy hole-in-the-wall bar at 3 AM and walking up to the unsuspecting chump playing with his band on stage before knocking his ass to the ground.

Oh, and one of the best parts?

“Know what? I never loved you. X-O-X-O!”

She’s kissing off that wannabe loser with a lil’ XOXO! So FIERCE!!!

What is with these leaks? It’s like the SASS is getting big-gah! Am I right? Trust me: I am NOT complaining–this might just be my favorite moment of the bunch yet! LOVE YOU, B!


Britney Spears – 911

One more leak? Sure…why not!

“911” is the fifth full leak of Britmas. Floating on top of a slick, minimal R&B beat and a police siren on repeat, Brit serves up plenty of heavy breathing and naughty moaning on the (presumably) Blackout-era production. It’s nice to hear a return to Urbanney, but “911” admittedly feels like a real leftover.

The best part? The rapped bridge, in which Brit talks about “sexin’ in the attic” and how it felt so explosive “when you (pause) all over me.” OH MY GOD, THAT BRITNEY’S SHAMELESS!


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