Behold the newly unleashed video for “Countdown,” Beyoncé‘s thir-fou-fifth (?) single off of her latest studio album, 4.

Oh, killin’ me softly is right! Serving pure Aubrey Hepburn Funny Face realness with a short cropped ‘do and a tight black turtleneck, “Countdown” is one of Bey’s most slay-worthy videos in–well, since “Run The World (Girls).”

This time around, it’s a return to the cheeky, low-budget vibe of the B’Day Video Anthology (a la “Kitty Kat”) and a nod to the ferociousness of the I Am…Sasha Fierce collection. Do you see all those ponytail grabs? Ooh, girl!

Throughout the colorful clip, set in a dancer-filled studio, Bey shuffles though at least two dozen different looks and styles–shirts, shoes and weaves a-plenty (Someone call Aqua, ’cause she’s a Barbie girl!). The superstar keeps it cute and quirky while still commanding that spectacularly fierce ballroom vogue choreography she’s mastered, making sure every pop chick in the industry continues to fasten their wigs on a nightly basis.

Though she’s got nothing let to prove, Beysus still manages to prove plenty in the brand new clip for “Countdown”: She doesn’t need a mega-budget to command the spotlight, every single move she makes is .GIF-worthy, and a bey-bey on the way isn’t going to stop Queen Bey from getting down to bid-ness. Got it?

Thoroughly loving this one, King B! Hoping it’s a big hit for you!

“Countdown” was released to radio on October 4. (iTunes)