The Living Legend knows what the hot gossip is with the kids these days. She knows we spend our lives all up in the blogs and the Tumblr, just .GIF-ing our hearts away instead of forming actual relationships with other human beings.

That is exactly why the Holy Spearit has just begun (having her fun) by granting us some blessed gifts on her Twitter account: “Criminal” .GIFs that give us just a ‘lil tease of the upcoming video, due out sometime later this week.

Over the past few hours, Brit Brit’s been uploading some different Twitter avatars from the Chris Marrs Piliero-directed video (“I Wanna Go”) that are nothing less than absolutely stunning, flawless and iconic, including a quick turn in a gorgeous evening gown, some “3”-like Hairwhipney, and even some “My Prerogative”-esque shadowy smooches.

EDIT: Two more .GIFs added! Um, that doorway glance? I CANNOT EVEN BREATHE. BOMBSHELLNEY!!!

Honestly, it’s all so very glamorous and Femme Fatale-y. It’s like a James Bond film…but better. I don’t. I can’t. It’s too much to handle for mere mortals. How can we cope? We must. We must cope, and we must live to see the final video.


“Criminal” was released on September 30. (iTunes)