Rihanna Gets Down and Dirty Behind The Scenes of “We Found Love” (Part 1)

How blessed are we, the Navy, to have such a giving and loyal Commander?

Yesterday, Barbadian Illuminati Princess Rihanna uploaded the first of three behind-the-scenes snippets for her upcoming video, “We Found Love.”

The clip follows RiRi as she gets down and dirty with a group of revelers while stomping around some good ol’ Belfast mud, as well as that fateful bandana bra twirl-through-a-cornfield scene that had one uppity Irish farmer positively fuming. (What a croppy attitude! Anyone? No? Okay. Sorry, I’ll go now.)

The Bajan beauty is simply all smiles throughout the entire shoot–directed by longtime collaborator Melina Matsoukas (“Rude Boy,” “Hard”)–which she describes later on in the teaser as “probably one of the deepest videos I’ve ever done.”

We’re getting some kind of dancing in the video, according to choreographer Tanisha Scott: “The cool part about this video and the choreography, and you probably won’t even realize there is choreography, is that she wanted a whole bunch of movement–big and expressive.” Seconds later, the camera cuts to RiRi barking out orders at Scott as she choreographs a routine on the beach. Now that’s a boss bitch!

Yet nothing quite captures the RiRi essence I love and adore quite like the Bajan beauty’s expletive-drenched explanation of the shot at hand at 4:30 (all delivered while wearing pasties): “We’re about to fuck on a tractor! Just kidding. We’re not gonna fuck on a tractor. We’re gonna fuck in a hot ass car! And guess what? They’re making me look cute so I can fuck him in the car.” Who said romance was dead?

And the boy in question? Dudley O’Shaughnessy, the very not hard to look at, very well endowed British boxer and model that will be playing the part of the love interest in “We Found Love.” Something tells me Our Lady Ri’s going to have no trouble at all riding this beat, beat, beat like a pony!

Make to sure to man your battle stations and keep a look out for the next behind-the-scenes clips to hit in the coming days, with the full video rumored to premiere sometime next week on VEVO.

“We Found Love” was released on September 22. (iTunes)

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