Thanks to my best buddies at Hard Candy Music for reminding me: Today is Dannii Minogue‘s 40th birthday. Incredible!

I’ve begun to wonder: What’s wrong with me? How on Earth could I nearly forget the birthday of my beloved “You Won’t Forget About Me” chanteuse?! Well, now I’m back in on the loop–and I don’t want to lose this feeling!

If you’re somehow not already familiar (I’m shaking my head so hard at you right now, seriously), Dannii Minogue is the flawless sister of flawless pop goddess, Kylie Minogue. But lest you think there’s any sort of sibling rivalry going on, fear not–they get along really well…

Dannii has brought us countless legendary tracks–from “Love & Kisses,” to “This Is It,” to “All I Wanna Do,” to modern smashes including “Put The Needle On It,” “Who Do You Love Now?” and “So Under Pressure.”

In March of 2003, Queen Dannii unleashed Neon Nights, an impeccable work of disco-pop genius from start to finish, and an album that remains one of my favorite records of all time. Neon Nights was also a key influence in founding MuuMuse, and remains one of my key go-to albums for working out and getting down. It’s an absolute must!

Though Mizz D has since gone on to become an incredibly successful TV talent and a powerful force in the fashion industry, I’ll always hold out hope for new music and remain a faithful fan of her most impeccable back catalog. Simply put: Dannii is the ultimate dance floor diva.

To celebrate the occasion, let’s go out with a vintage bang: “Success,” performed live in front of THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND at the Royal Variety Show in 1991. Could your faves ever be so funky fresh?