Ah, those halcyon days of youth!

Liv and Mim, the drop-dead gorgeous duo behind NERVO, have just premiered the carefree clip for their brand new single, “We’re All No One (feat. DJ Afrojack and Steve Aoki)” today on mtvU.

Even though we know the duo’s been super busy jet-setting across the country this summer on Britney‘s Femme Fatale Tour (not to mention a whole bunch of headlining club dates on their own this Fall!), they certainly look like they’ve got plenty of downtime on their hands: Driving aimlessly around town, lollygagging with their besties, setting off fireworks and and stealing from the local convenience store.

WAIT–I. WHAT? STEALING FROM A STORE?! If I’m counting this correctly, this is the THIRD VIDEO OF THE WEEK that involves stealing from a convenience store! Britney! RiRi! And now NERVO?! Yes, the third! This is–well, this is just an epidemic! This is insahne! Why isn’t anyone DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THIS?

Please, for your own safety: If you see a pop star wandering into your local convenience store–DO NOT LET THEM IN.

And if you’re paying close attention, you’ll notice not one, but two very special cameos: Yep! That’s DJ Afrojack and Steve Aoki!

Ah, this video really brings me back. Back to the GOLDEN DAYS! Back to those days spent cruising the streets endlessly, rocking all those bad-ass threads and being super bad with all my bad-ass friends.* Yeah, that was the life.

*Aforementioned ‘golden days’ may or may not have actually been spent in your room playing Everquest for hours because, as you repeatedly told your mother, you just don’t really ‘like people.’

“We’re All No One (feat. Afrojack and Steve Aoki) (The Remixes)” was released on September 2. (iTunes)