Kelly Rowland‘s finally unleashed the video for “Lay It On Me (feat. Big Sean),” the third official single from her third studio album released earlier this summer, Here I Am.

And just look at Miss K. Row! She’s being so sexy with that slinky! And winding and grinding all up against that tin foil! And then she’s bumping and grinding on all those menz!

But I, oh…err. There’s certainly a lot of sexy going on here, but is it too much sexy? Rowland looks simply stunning, and the song is called “Lay It On Me” of course, but…isn’t it all a bit much? Not in the ‘Oh my God, don’t show me her grinding her booty against a man because overt references to sexuality offend my sensibilities’ sort of way, but in the ‘OKAY YES, WE GET IT KELLY’ sort of way. It just feels a bit, err…forced. Or less effective even, given that the much more sexy video for “Motivation” just happened. I don’t know. I REALLY JUST DON’T KNOW.

The greater tragedy of course is the severe lack of footage of Suzy the Elephant. She was only onscreen for like, what? 3 seconds? Did she slip up during the dance routine? Did they know she’d be a scene-stealer? WHERE WAS HER BIG MOMENT?!

Maybe they just didn’t feel comfortable with how big she looked onscreen. After all, she did demand cookies while on set.

“Lay It On Me” was released to radio in September. (iTunes)