As Muusers may know, I’m madly in love with the boys of Garçon Garçon.

(If you haven’t been properly Introduuced to the synth-pop Aussie duo yet, check out my initial write-up from back in December.)

In advance of their upcoming EP, due out sometime before Christmas, the boys have just put the finishing touches on their first-ever music video for “Stay in Touch,” the lead track off of the upcoming release.

Now, MuuMuse is proud to Excluusively premiere the video for “Stay In Touch.”

Set to an all new mix of the track by James Frew, the Alex Goddard-directed clip finds the boys hitting the high seas on what very well may be the silliest voyage ever caught on film.

Watch as Nick and Nathan row, row, row their boat in search of home in this cheekily low-budge journey, complete with paper pirate hats, fishing misadventures…and even a run-in with a mystical mermaid!

The clip, which features a brief cameo by Agent Provocateur supermodel Tiah Eckhardt, “is basically about being lost at sea and trying to find your way home,” says Nick. “It’s a kinda cute take on the ‘stay in touch’ theme.”

Um, kinda cute? It’s utterly adorkable!

And just for a little MuuTrivia: Those paper props? Those were done by Benja Harney from Paperform, who recently completed a 3D pop up book as a limited edition of Kylie‘s Aphrodite (!!!) and has also done store window concept for luxury giant Hermes.

Garçon Garçon’s debut EP, which is set to include several exciting collaborations, will be released later this year.