“Let’s Get Naughty” with Jessie And The Toy Boys! (Video Premiere)

Guess who’s back with a brand new track? Why…it’s Jessie and The Toy Boys, that’s who!

After serving up her absolutely ferocious debut single “Push It” and her debut EP Show Me Your Tan Lines back in June, the mannequin-minded mistress has returned for some more lovin’ with “Let’s Get Naughty.”

Just as one might have imagined based on the title alone, Jessie’s latest is a searing examination of the looming European financial crisis. LOLOLOL J/K: It’s about doin’ it, y’all!

Yep, Mizz Malakouti’s mind is still firmly placed in the gutter: Equipped with some searin’ ’80’s electro-pop beats, a whole sex shop’s worth of whips to crack (SMACK!) and some of the silliest/sexiest (sexliest?) lyrics you’ve heard this year (“I really wanna ride your train all night, but I don’t wanna have yo baby!”), Jessie’s newest number is all about getting down ‘n’ dirty in the most utterly unapologetic of ways.

“Hands up–get your fucking hands up!” Jessie commands before another crack of the whip. I’d listen to the lady if I were you!

The accompanying Don Tyler-directed video, which was shot in Hollywood’s Voyeur, features Mizz Toy Boys working it out some seriously sexy choreography with an assortment of mighty fine dancers (and of course, her plastic pals!)–all while rocking her ever-growing collection of skin-tight leotards. Work, girl!

So what you, what you waiting for? This wholesome new jam’s for you and your family to enjoy!


“Let’s Get Naughty” was released on October 25. (iTunes)

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