Here’s a good way to kick off the week properly: It’s the video premiere for Oh My‘s slammin’ new single, “Dirty Dancer”!

The song–which I featured in my weekly wrap-up for MTV Buzzworthy but not on MuuMuse because I’m terrible and selfish–has been on heavy rotation ever since I first heard it three weeks ago. It’s such an amazing ear-worm!

Watch as Alex and Jade get their kicks by pulling some serious shapes in an all-out kitschy dance-a-thon complete with fly swatters, the Eiffel Tower and a chameleon (amongst lots of other odds ‘n’ ends), plus a guest verse by Grime star Scru Fizzer!

I’m sort of obsessed with the whole ‘we’re just sort of going for it’ vibe of the video. The dancing’s so fierce, the styling’s so zany…such a pretty mess! Nice work, ladies.

“Dirty Dancer” will be released on November 14. (iTunes)