Watch Lana Del Rey Perform “Blue Jeans,” Then Listen to the Penguin Prison Remix

We’ve heard the singles and seen the home-spliced videos before, but there’s never been proof that Lana Del Rey is a living, breathing artist…until now.

Below is Miss Del Rey’s newly uploaded performance of “Blue Jeans,” one of the two A-sides off of debut single due for release next week in the UK, “Video Games/Blue Jeans.”

Set in a sparse white room with a guitar player, an unused piano and little else, the otherworldly 24-year-old crooner delivers a stunning, spot-on live take of her gorgeous ballad. While shes garnered some controversy–mostly from annoying hipster blogs whining about the ‘legit’-ness of her brand and/or lips (as Carles so perfectly captured on the ever-amazing Hipster Runoff)–it makes it a little more difficult to truly be bothered when the voice so clearly exceeds the hype.

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans Penguin Prison Remix by P5757575757575

At the same time, the Penguin Prison remix of the track has just surfaced.

As with all things of the (always amazing) Penguin Prison variety, the re-rub infuses a rather delicious helping of sparkling synthesizers and a big, funky ’70’s disco bass into the original production. The remix also proves what anyone probably could have told you the second they got a gander of the drop-dead gorgeous chanteuse: She’d make one hell of a fierce disco diva.

“Video Games / Blue Jeans” will be released on October 16 in the UK. (iTunes UK)

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