Calvin Harris‘ latest studio album Motion is filled with tons of wonderfully unexpected, club-friendly collaborations (DOLLAH $IGNS!), and “Pray To God” with HAIM is certainly one of the best of the bunch.

Luckily, Calvin’s putting the track out as his next single, and the girls have teamed up to make a proper video — and like the song itself, it’s gorgeous.

This one’s a visual for true lovers of animals: There are bears. There are bunnies. Wolves. Lions. Owls. Even horsies!

For fashionistas, there’s a whole lot of flowing, witchy Stevie Nicks-like garb to match the witchy, Stevie Nicks-like sound of the song.

But the most important takeaway of all? HAIM can withstand all sorts of harsh climates and, even more impressively, so can their hair. Forests? Snowy tundras? OUTER SPACE?! What’s your secret, Sisters HAIM?

“Pray To God” will be released on March 9. (iTunes)