Kylie Minogue Performs on X Factor Australia, Prepares Aphrodite Goddess Edition and Unveils New Logo

Kylie Minogue's photo Yes, say hello to the #K25 logo for my 25th anniversary in music next year!

Buckle up baby, feel my speed…it’s time for a whirlwind Queen Kylie wrap-up!

First things first: Kylie took to Twitter earlier this morning to unveil the brand new logo to commemorate her 25th year in the industry (above). As you can see, it contains (A) razzle, (B) dazzle, and (C) enough sharp corners to poke your eyes out. Watch where you’re pointing that thing, KM!

The logo will likely come packaged along with Kylie’s upcoming acoustic/orchestral greatest hits collection due out in 2012, which she performed a taste of during EMI’s New Music Sessions a few weeks ago.

Earlier this week, the newly brunette disco diva appeared on the grand finale of X Factor Australia to perform in a mega Kylie mash-up with the 12 finalists of the competition.

More accurately, Kylie appeared onstage to perform a show-stopping rendition of “All The Lovers” after 12 randoms utterly butchered the shit out of her classics, “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” and “Better The Devil You Know.” Like, seriously painful. Thank God the Goddess was there to do the job properly!

Speaking of goddesses: Get excited (and start saving your pennies), super fans! After being announced way back in May, it seems the special Goddess edition of Mizz Minogue’s flaw-free 2010 collection Aphrodite is finally seeing the light of day!

Above is a full 2 1/2-minute page-by-page flip through the gorgeous Australia-only collector’s item (priced at a not-so-cheap $199) that was uploaded late last week, complete with full pop-up illustrations and behind-the-scenes sketches and photographs from the Aphrodite Les Folies Tour. I can haz for Hanukkah, plz?


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