Today, our glorious and all-knowing Illuminati Navy Commander Princess RiRi has finally unleashed her sixth studio album, Talk That Talk. IT’S A CELEBRATION, BITCHES! Now which one of you baked the birthday cake?

If you didn’t know all this already…um, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! Check out the MuuMuse review right now! I’m drunk on love–with the album, that is! Just kidding. I’m also drunk right now.

That’s why I want to share the love with YOU, ’cause you da one that I dream about all da-a-ay!

MuuMuse is proud to be giving away 5 COPIES of the standard edition of Talk That Talk.

Want to enter to win? Watch n’ learn: Just follow me on Twitter (@MuuMuse) and show me your cockiness (I love it) by tweeting me with the following phrase:

I love it, I love it, I love it when you tweet it @MuuMuse! #TalkThatTalk

Five winners will be randomly selected and notified on Monday, November 28. US entries only, please!

Go on: Do ya thang and enter now! Who knows? You might find love in a hopeless place. Good luck and farewell!

Talk That Talk was released on November 21. (iTunes)