Muh-muh-muh-Monsters: Your Mother will see you now.

Lady Gaga took to Twitter this evening following her performance of “Marry the Night” at Germany’s 2011 Bambi Awards (an award show I haven’t thought about since Britney delivered her first post-2007 VMA comeback performance back in ’08–memories!) to give her Monsters a tiny taste of the upcoming video and/or mini fïlm for her fifth Born This Way single.

Well, she’s laid up on a stretcher it seems. That’s what you get for touring non-stop for 3 years and counting, Gagz!

Then again, this is clearly just a shameless swipe of Britney’s video for “Everytime.” (KIDDING! Maybe.) I mean, is that even Gaga? If it is, is she sick? IF SHE’S NOT, IS SHE PREGNANCY?! And if so, will a fanciful unicorn burst out of her vajeen and gallop onto the Rainbow Road?!?!

The answer to all of these questions and more, of course, is yes.

Feel the fever…

“Marry the Night” will be released in November. (iTunes)