Zara Larsson All The Time

Zara Larsson’s ‘All The Time’ Deserves to Be a Song of Summer 2019

Zara Larsson’s latest deserves to dominate radio this summer – like, all the time.

From the breaking of the day to the middle of the night…

The Song Of The Summer™, objectively, comes down to charts, sales and streams (so, the most demanded song of the season). But the song(s) that hold the most memories and replay counts for you are every bit as valid (so, subjectively, Las Ketchup‘s “The Ketchup Song (Asereje)” might be your Song Of The Summer for the past 17 years and counting as it is mine).

Either way you choose to define it, Zara Larsson‘s “All The Time” deserves to be one of those songs in 2019 – objectively and subjectively, hopefully.

“All The Time” was released on June 21 which, as we know, already makes it ancient history for the ceaselessly parched Stan Culture – but that’s not how the general public operates. Some songs take months to build – Ava Max‘s “Sweet But Psycho” being the most recent example. And, in fact, Zara’s latest release seems to be picking up some steam at radio, and is now climbing on the Pop Radio Charts.

The songwriter wattage behind the song is solid enough as is: “All The Time” was co-penned by the 21-year-old Swedish singer-songwriter herself, the already prolific Noonie Bao (Carly Rae Jepsen‘s “Run Away With Me,” among other glittery pop feats) and the unstoppable Ilsey, responsible for co-writing a bulk of Lykke Li‘s so sad, so sexy and Mark Ronson‘s (excellent) Late Night Feelings, among others.

Lyrically and sonically speaking, the track falls into one of the most tried-and-true categories: sad at the disco. Granted, it’s not a disco song – it’s more like a surge of summery pop energy – but the lyrics are nonetheless lonesome, as Zara lusts for a former flame – recalling a Teenage Dream from long ago, if you will.

I try to forget about you, baby / And I die when I think of you with someone else and / I don’t know why, I don’t know why you’re dancing in my mind…from the breaking of the day to the middle of the night.”

Armed with finger snaps, bright synths, an earworm vocoder melody that strongly recalls Daft Punk (listen to “Doin’ It Right”), and a whopper of a hook led by a hot guitar riff, the song’s got all the makings of a summer hit.

The video only helps matters as well, as Zara plays dress-up to provide her own back-up dancers at a colorful carnival. Why shell out the cash when you can handle the duties yourself, right?

As for her dancers? I’m seeing Erika Jayne and Violet Chachki, personally. Even more of a delight: the JaQuel Knight-choreographed dancing is satisfyingly pop star level. Not everybody’s capable of doing that these days, after all.

Whether staying in your house or going out – and/or just going crazy like Zara, for that matter – “All The Time” ought to be included in your soundtrack for the summer season.

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