Nicola Roberts Premieres Thoroughly Flaw-Free Video for “Yo-Yo”


Nicola Roberts has just premiered the video for “Yo-Yo,” the third single off of her gorgeous debut album Cinderella’s Eyes, and it is a 100% flaw-free experience.

Playing like (Ginge) Barbie in the opening scenes, Queen Nicola puts on a haute-as-fuck fashion show for the lens while getting ready to go out for the night with her yo-yo of a (hunky) boyfriend. Effortlessly glam posing, Ms. Roberts! Aloud fans worldwide are beaming with pride.

Fast forward to the party, and we find the two now doing a bit of snuggle ‘n’ grind amidst the revelry. Cameras are flashing while they’re dirty dancing! But at the end of the night, is he really there for our girl? Watch and decide for yourself!

If the lighting and styling look familiar, that’s probably because the video was directed by photographer Freddie Helwig, who shot all of the brilliant album artwork for the Cinderella’s Eyes campaign. To make this shoot even more special, “Yo-Yo” is Helwig’s music video directorial debut.

Frankly, the video is the perfect companion to an already perfect song. Every shot is gorgeous, and Nicola looks absolutely stunning. By the time that crystalline middle eight comes creeping into the speakers and she begins agonizing and writhing up against the shower wall, it’s clear that Roberts has absolutely nailed it (again).

So, so proud! TEAM GINGE FOR LIFE.

“Yo-Yo” will be released on January 8. (iTunes UK)

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