On and On: Agnes Showcase at the Soho House in New York City

Photo by: Hannah Rad

Last night, I went to a private label showcase for Agnes sponsored by Geffen and Cherrytree Records at the Soho House in Manhattan.

About an hour before the showcase, I met up with one of my favorite, raddest of rad blog-o-buddies, Sheena Beaston‘s Hannah Rad. We hung out with Taste Like Caramel‘s Anthony for drinks at a hole-in-the-wall bar in Union Square (I got rowdy, took my top off, got kicked out, etc. etc.) and then we made our way to the Soho House.

The showcase was hosted in the building’s gorgeous library, which was filled to the brim with tea lights, flowers, and A-list gays. I was completely overwhelmed at first by the chic-ness of the entire situation, but it was a warm environment and I soon found myself relaxing quite quickly.

While we waited and canoodled, caterers walked around with delicacies, including a salmon spread (Hannah declared the dish “refreshing”) and a delicious something with caviar on top. I don’t actually know what I ate–I just grabbed and put it all in my mouth before asking questions, which is generally my go-to reaction with most things in life.

At around 7:30, a PR representative came on stage to introduce Agnes. He explained that she would perform just one song because she was exhausted from the traveling/promo events of the day (grumble grumble), and that without further ado, here she is.

Photo by: Hannah Rad

In she walked wearing a gorgeous, glitter-stringed dress, hot studded stilettos, and a white shoulder cape, taking to the stage with a guitarist at her side. After a quick hello, the two artists dived straight into an acoustic version of “Release Me,” and let me just say: That voice is flawless. Honestly. She sang her single better than she does on the studio version! There’s a reason why she won Swedish Idol. I was stunned. Also, SHE IS GORGEOUS IN PERSON.

EDIT: Click here to see a video of Agnes performing “Release Me” at the showcase!

As the song ended, Agnes thanked the crowd with her adorably limited English skills and encouraged us to have fun at the showcase tonight. “Drink!” she insisted. As she made her way off the stage, she began slowly working the perimeter of the room with various PR agents, greeting the journalists, music execs and friends, and taking photos with everyone.

Photo by: Hannah Rad

When it was my turn (and/or when I pushed through everyone while shouting “I AM A PROFESSIONAL BLOGGER”), I told her she had a beautiful voice and we took a photo together. Hannah and I briefly took advantage of the open bar afterward (IT WAS FREE), and then we ended up meeting Agnes again for more chatting and photos before we finally left the showcase. (Though not before picking up a free CD single of “Release Me” on the way out!)

Basically it was an amazing experience, so thank you to everyone at Fly-Life and everyone else involved in putting together the showcase. I had so much fun!

Thanks a million to Hannah of SheenaBeaston for taking the pictures (and being great company!) Click here to see the whole set of photos.

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