Peaches Christ Superstar is back at it again!

The Almighty Queen of Electro-Trash has returned (and not a moment too soon!), wrapping her legs around sexy ass “Ice Cream Truck” rapper Cazwell for a reliably filthy new collaboration: “Unzip Me.”

Armed with relentlessly pounding synthesizers and searing beats (a little reminiscent of Martin Solveig‘s worldwide smash, “Hello”), both Cazwell and Peaches are right at home unleashing their freak and playfully taunting their prey: “Drop it, grab it, jerk it, unzip me,” the two take turns chanting during the chorus. It’s like my new life mantra!

OOF: And the way Peaches comes in with that big beat throbbing behind her? Mmm…that’s diddling my skittle just right! New ringtone, methinks.

You know, with all these commands being fired out, “Unzip Me” is a little like playing Bop-It! Well, okay. Scratch that: “Unzip Me” is like playing Bop-It…in the basement of a German S&M pony-play club. Not that I’ve ever been to one. STOP LOOKING AT ME WITH YOUR EYES LIKE THAT.

The video for the song will be coming shortly (check out some behind-the-scenes snaps for now). Until then, you’re just going to have to grab your Flip Cam, a couple close–um, friends, and make your own clip to this killer club cut!

“Unzip Me” will be released in November. (iTunes)