Selena Gomez Prepares to Release New Single, “Hit The Lights”

Who’s ready for more Selegenda Gomez?

The pint-sized Disney princess is now gearing up to release a third single from her third studio album When The Sun Goes Down, which was released back in June. The newest selection? “Hit The Lights,” co-penned by electronica duo Dreamlab and Swedish singer-songerwriter Tony Nilsson.

To kick off the campaign, Gomez performed “Hit The Lights” live while fulfilling her duties as host of MTV’s 2011 EMAs this past weekend. And while I couldn’t really shake the feeling that I was watching the talent portion of some mega-budget episode of Toddlers & Tiaras (what with the glitz outfits and catwalk strutting and all), I still love me some Selena. A powerhouse performer she may not be, but…she’s just so damn cute! And happy! And so, so beautiful!

The video for “Hit The Lights” isn’t due to premiere on VEVO until November 16. Until then, Hollywood Records has just unveiled a teaser trailer from the clip, which features the lovely lady swinging ’round some sparklers. I think. Actually, it’s kind of hard to see. Somebody really ought to hit the lights!

“Hit The Lights” will be released in November. (iTunes)

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