The Party is in September’s Head (Video Premiere)

Earlier this year, Swedish dance-pop sensation September (of “Cry For You” fame, you know the one) released her fourth studio album, Love CPR–a collection of reliably amazing Swedish dance-pop tracks.

But among the album’s many deliciously infectious offerings–including “Resuscitate Me” and “Me & My Microphone”–lies my all-time favorite track of the bunch: “Party In My Head,” which MuuMuse contributor Sam highlighted previously in the second volume of his “Amazing Things I’m Listening to from Sweden” series.

“Party In My Head” is thoroughly amazing for several different reasons, including:

+ The line “I don’t care if the whole club is dead, ’cause the party’s in my head.”
+ The line “I don’t care about the VIP, ’cause every single DJ’s inside me.”
+ The deep personal connection. It resonates. If you know anything about me at all, you’d know that I spend most of my free time wandering around getting lost in my headphones. The party is indeed in my head.

Oh, and every single DJ has also been inside me.

Following the song’s release to iTunes in late September (SEPTEMBER IN SEPTEMBER, Y’ALL!), “Party In My Head” has now received a proper video treatment, which you can see above.

It seems as though September’s gone and gotten a hold of New York City’s broadcasting system to have herself plastered across every screen in Times Square. (Now you know why the federal government did that test of the Emergency Alert System earlier this week.) No one seems to bothered by the fact, though. And why should they?

Frankly, I wish that’s how it was in New York City: Can this be real life, so that the next time I’m sprinting down Broadway trying to flag down a taxi in order to catch the last train home, I can look up and smile knowing that September is watching over me like a sweet, sweet guardian Swedish spirit she is? Please let it be, Pop Gods!

“Party In My Head (Remixes)” was released on September 27. (iTunes)
LOVE CPR was released on July 5. (iTunes)

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