Hi. I’m Brad, I come from a humble neighborhood in Connecticut, and I’m a few weeks short of nineteen years old. I’m not one for formal introductions, so consider ourselves acquainted. I have a pesky habit of taking life too seriously and school not seriously enough, and I hope to change all that, starting with this blog. Well, at least the life aspect.

I consider music to be defining of one’s personality. For me, that almost always results in immediate dismissal. I am a self-described connoisseur of Pop music. Not today’s slodge, but the fading kind…bubble-gum and all. I’m the one who hasn’t given up on Britney Spears. In school, I am famed as being “the Britney fan.” Take it as you will.
I’ve tried my best to defend her since she’s gone a bit mental, but I’ve gone ahead and surrendered to a defeated mentality. She’s still my favorite, bat-shit crazy or otherwise, and that will not change. Apologies go out to friends, family, and the boyfriend for having to learn and witness more Britney than the average American ever should in their life.
Since the show must go on, I’ve got some batters warming up in the cage. (Note: Quite possibly the only sporting event-related reference to be used from here onward). Including:
The Minogues of the Dannii and Kylie variety (I won’t disclose my favorite of the two, but I will say that her name rhymes with “Fanny.”)
Girls Aloud – Arguably my favorite group, perhaps even over the Spice Girls. Somewhere, a gay man is readying his peadcoat to bitchslap me senseless.
Utada Hikaru – Ah wuh? Japanese, good sir. Yes, quite a fan. Her debut CD was the highest selling CD in Japan, and her debut CD in America was not. But that American CD, Exodus, is one of my favorite albums, ever. For real real, not for play play. She’s a singer/songwriter type, except of the pop variety, and she makes brilliant tunes that make me feel nostalgic and tingly.
Bjork – “Where did that come from?” you may be saying to the stranger sitting next to you at that Internet coffeehouse you’re sitting at. Well, after the awkward silence between you two, you’ll realize that I am multi-faceted in my music selection. I love Bjork to pieces, and her music helps me write essays, combat my sorrows, and occasionally slumber.
Offhand Revelation #1: Perhaps I enjoy bat-shit crazy entertainers.

As well as loads of J-Pop, K-Pop, R-Pop, and the occasional U-Pop (Japanese Pop, Korean Pop, Russian Pop, and Ukranian Pop on the more desperate of days).
I am madly in love with Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi, Eri Nobuchika, Ai Otsuka, and BoA. I own over fifty singles and albums by Ayumi herself, and I’m considering the idea of hiring three or four minions to dust and gaze upon each glorious CD during the months I am at school.

At the same time, I am a sucker for mellow beats and heavenly voices, as well as quirky, animated music. Some might call this the “substance” part of my music repertoire. To them, I might say, “fuck you.”
These artists include Bjork, Sigur Ros, Imogen Heap, Air, Margeret Berger, Royksopp, Belanova, Telepopmusik & Kate Havnevik.

I’m also going to try and be good and update but, as I’m well aware of my capabilities, I know how unlikely this may be. But who knows?

And so, for now, I leave you, dear readers (myself?).


Who Loves Muu?

Who Loves Muu?

Ayumi Hamasaki is feeling GUILTY.

Ayumi Hamasaki is feeling GUILTY.

For the first order of business, I’d like to address the upcoming release

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