For those who still haven’t heard of her, Erika Jayne is one of the newest Kweens of the Dance Floor. (And as you can tell from the photo above, she’s also a Very Serious Artist.)

But really: Jayne’s already racked up 5 #1 Hot Dance Club/Play singles over the past three years for tracks like “Rollercoaster,” “Stars” and “Pretty Mess,” which has an accompanying video so fierce that people often upload it as a fake Britney teaser.

Now, she’s well on her way to a sixth #1 with her latest release: “Party People (Ignite The World).”

“Party people, every boy and girl/Let’s get ready to ignite the world!” Jayne chants during the chorus of her new single, which is already #12 on the Billboard Dance/Club Play chart. Is it lyrically one of the most generic dance floor anthems in the world? Why, yes! There is ample talk of partying. And people. And the world.

But still, it’s fun! “Party People” is a trashy club banga, fitting in snugly between a David Guetta jam and the winding sirens of Afrojack‘s “Take Over Control (feat. Eva Simons).”

Frankly, it was the amazingly cheese video that won me over: Abundant hair flips. Glittery Louboutins. HOUNDSTOOTH BOOTY SHORTS? I mean…duh! Also, I kind of love the fact that Erika Jayne has this amazing chameleon-like ability to morph from Paris Hilton to Heidi Montag to Kim Kardashian, all depending on the camera angle.

Who’s that chick? I don’t know exactly, but she’s got me wanting more!

“Party People (Ignite The World)” was released on November 15. (iTunes) (Spotify)