Though she’s usually found sharpening knives and pouring hot candle wax on her latest victims, it seems Mizz Natalia Kills might just be toying with the notion of becoming a disco diva. Well–a dark disco diva anyway.

Her latest song to hit the web–“Lights Out,” crafted by “Kill My Boyfriend” producer/DJ Junior Caldera and featuring Kills and her Cherrytree Records labelmates Far East Movement–is an explosive club anthem, and probably her most straightforward dance offering to date.

Floating above a four-to-the-floor smooth House beats and an electronic guitar strum (almost reminiscent of a Junkie XL or Kaskade production), the cold-hearted vixen lets her otherwise heavenly crooning fly loose: “I can read your dirty mind/That good guy shit won’t fly with me,” Kills warns.

“I see you and you’re pulling the wool over my eyes,” she continues. But before she’s even got a chance to finish, the boys of Far East Movement are already here to crash the party: “Lights out!” we hear as the song slams hard into an ferocious beat breakdown.

Filled with surging beats and half-cutesy, half-sinister lyrics (“Boy, I got a Ph.D/I got a Masters in Boy-ology”), Natalia’s got a serious hit on her hands with “Lights Out.” If she lets this one loose on the clubs, we could be looking at a dance floor massacre.

I absolutely love this track, Mizz Kills!