Kelly Clarkson, you lovable goon.

Just this morning, the powerhouse vocalist premiered the video for her upcoming single “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger),” the title track off of her off-the-charts amazing fifth studio album, Stronger. And it’s amazing!

Suited in some unexpected futuristic garb (looking HOT, Miss C!), it seems as though Ms. Clarkson’s accidentally wandered onto the set of Brit Brit‘s intergalactic masterpiece “Hold It Against Me” to get a closer look on the monitors at some of her biggest fans around the world working it out to her latest single.

Though I was initially nervous about the whole ‘flash mob’ element to the video, the inclusion of fan clips is pretty seamless–plus, it’s a sweet little show of appreciation by Miss Kelly!

The video mainly alternates between the fan-submitted clips and a few signature K. Clarkson video elements, including a ‘rocking out with the band’ scene and a ‘singing into an old-timey microphone’ scene. But wait until the last minute, because the greatest thing ever happens: She dances!

Yes–that’s Kelly Clarkson DANCING! And you know what? She looks amazing! Actually, she looks totally adorkable. I love how much fun she’s having, and she looks totally sexy and confident to boot. She’s such a genuinely incredible role model. And those karate skills? Simply unparalleled!

All in all, the perfect combination of strong and silly. WIN, WIN, WIN!

“What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)” was released to US radio and will be released February 5 in the UK. (iTunes)