“I”: Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Makes A Stunning Debut As A Solo Star

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon asserts herself with the appropriately titled “I.”

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon has dominated the globe for years alongside her troupe of tightly choreographed and impeccably styled bandmates, and she’s had her fun as part of the group’s sub-unit trio, TaeTiSeo, too — “Whisper,” anyone? But as it turns out, three is still too much company.

This week, Taeyeon officially launched her first-ever solo endeavor — really, really solo this time! — with the incredible “I.” (If “I” isn’t a literal enough assertion of self, I don’t know what is.)

A fun fact about “I”: The song was co-penned by frequent Brit Brit back-up vocalist/singer-songwriter Myah Marie and her troupe, My Crazy Girlfriend. Crazy, indeed!

Another fun fact about “I”: It’s fantastic, and likely not something you’d expect to hear from the singer, given her bubbly electro-pop roots. (We’re a long ways away from “Run Devil Run,” that’s for sure.) Vocals, vocals, vocals!

The backing ambient, shoegaze-y guitars and crashing guitars make the whole thing feel quite lush and emotional, and Taeyeon’s powerhouse delivery is simply phenomenal, resulting in what feels like one giant gulp of crisp autumn air.

The accompanying video is beautiful as well, alternating between two Taeyeons — one looking positively angelic in some cinematic landscapes, and the other playing the part of a waitress who’s simply had E-NOUGH. (Her sass-filled quitting scene is the standout moment — she’s actually a really solid actress, too! Multitalented.)

The rest of the I mini-album showcases Taeyeon’s impressive chops — something she’s no doubt wanted to make a point of while part of an eight-person group — including belt-y piano ballads “Farewell” and “U R”, which sounds a bit like Kelly Clarkson‘s “A Moment Like This” (at least toward the end), melodic R&B number “Gemini” and punchy pop uptempo, “Stress.” It’s really all about that title track right now, though.

And best of all, it’s available around the world! Globalization: It’s all happening. Speaking of, it’s time to shake up the American market already. Make like CL and come to America, Taeyeon. And Brazil. Always come to Brazil.

Taeyeon’s about to snatch wigs…and keys.


I was released on October 7. (iTunes)

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