A few nights ago, UK DJ/producer Michael Woods took to the turntables of BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix for a full 2-hour show full of throbbing remixes and original tracks. (Listen to the original broadcast now!)

Among the bunch was a brand new original track: “I Wish,” featuring vocals by the one and only Little Boots.

“I wish I never let you hold my hand/I wish I never tried to understand/I wish I was never part of your plan/I wish,” the “Stuck On Repeat” pop songstress painfully coos during the chorus, at last letting go before the track finally explodes into a wave of surging electro-pulsations. It’s an absolutely massive tune so far, mashing Boots’ sweetly-sung vocals against Woods’ hypnotic pulsations, resulting in a sad, timeless trance track with huge potential.

Still no word on whether the track is a Woods original, a song from Boots’ upcoming sophomore record, or a special one-off between the two artists, but whatever it is…I’m liking the way she bumps.

Between this and her new single “Shake,” Boots seems poised for a stellar crash landing back onto Earth in 2012.

“Shake” was released on November 14. (iTunes)