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Navy, report for duty, because THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Rihanna is doing something tomorrow.

“#R8 #BBHMM #March26,” the Phucks-Free Illuminati Strip Club High Priestess-Turned-Earthy Folk Empress wrote in between promoting her new movie Home on Instagram just moments ago, accompanied by a picture that could be a single cover or an album cover, with a hashtag that could mean “Bitch Better Have My Money,” which could be a single title or an album title. Or both. And whatever it is, it’s coming on March 26. (Tomorrow.)

UPDATE: It’s a single. Check out the file name for the image on Rihanna’s official website: http://www.rihannanow.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/BBHMM-Single-Art_APPROVED-3.256.jpg-1024×1024.jpeg. That is, unless she decides to make it the album title too. Thanks for the heads up in the comments, Andrés!

UPDATE 2: It was written by songwriter Bibi Bourelly, who also wrote the upcoming Rih track “Higher.”

UPDATE 3: The producer is Roc Nation’s Deputy, as confirmed by Bibi in the comments of her Instagram post.

The photo itself is a clear and obvious homage to Frida KahloMadonna circa 1987 and, most of all, Natalia Kills‘ creatively original brows (YOU ARE DISGUSTING FOR STEALING THIS, RIRI). There’s also some Braille along the side, much like on the single art for “FourFiveSeconds.”

UPDATE 4: This bitch really just put 10 second snippets of the song’s intro, outro and some of the middle on a basic ass lip-sync app called Dubsmash at 2 AM last night. If you want to embarrass yourself, you can download that app and sing along to the song in front of strangers — or just listen to the previews below. It sounds good so far. But girl? You’re trying it with this era.

The song’s debuting in full around noon. Maybe.

#BitchBetterDropPaulMcCartney and #BitchBetterDitchTheFolk…but panic, basically.

UPDATE 5: The song has arrived, thank Phucking God.


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“Bitch Better Have My Money” was released on March 26. (iTunes)