Looks like Michelle Williams isn’t the only one channeling Marilyn Monroe lately.

Just as My Week with Marilyn hits theaters across the country, it seems Mizz Jessie + The Toy Boys has been doing her own reflecting on the iconic bombshell’s untimely demise–electro-pop style.

“Marilyn” is one of Jessie’s more serious-faced offerings, putting a brief hold on the sexy talk of her past few singles (no “All my hos, touch ya toes!” calls to action here) in order to wax philosophical on the bouncing mid-tempo.

“Marilyn, why’d you die young?/Were you running?/Were the rumors true?” the “Push It” princess ponders above the big, bubbly ’80’s electro-pop beats (and a bit of harpsichord for good measure).

Earlier this year, the mannequin-minded mistress released the Show Me Your Tan Lies EP, as well as her latest single “Let’s Get Naughty” in October–all tiny teases before Jessie finally pops in 2012 with her highly anticipated debut LP, This Is How Rumors Start.

“Let’s Get Naughty” was released on October 25. (iTunes)