Sky Ferreira to Release New Single This Winter, Dreams of Pulling Courtney Stodden’s Weave

Did you know? Sky Ferreira is still perfect.

In a new interview with my good friend Alex Catarinella for Elle, the ever under-the-radar pop songstress revealed the latest plans for her long-delayed debut record, tentatively (hopefully!) due out in 2012:

ELLE: What can you tell us about the LP you’re working on?
SF: I’m releasing a single this winter. I’ve been writing with my boyfriend Nick, who’s in the Virgins, for the past year or two. I’m working with Jon Brion [ed note: major Fiona Apple producer] in the new year and possibly recording with Shirley Manson and Greg Kurstin. I’ve been working with Greg since I was like, 15-years-old. This recording process is about making good music and collaboration. All of the people I’m working with believe in what I’m doing and it really makes a difference. I’ve made about 5 debut albums at this point, but this one is where my heart is truly at…and no label set backs!

New single within weeks? Sweet. More to come from Greg Kurstin? Sweet. A possible Shirley Manson collaboration in the works?! No, I–I can’t possibly. This is simply too good. I am dead.

Ferreira also gushed a bit about her (and my) current obsession: Kween Courtney Stodden. In fact, she even fantasizes about one day making a music video with the flaw-free iconic goddess sent from above on a cloud made out of lip gloss and pink hair extensions:

ELLE: I know you’re a bit of a pop culture junkie. Do you have a favorite pop culture obsession of 2011?
SF: Courtney Stodden is probably my favorite. I want to do a music video of us at a water park and getting in a cat fight in the lazy river. Lots of weave pulling and Courtney would pour her Big Gulp on top of my head.

Honestly, the idea of seeing Sky and Courtney getting wet ‘n’ wild in the rough rapids sends sultry goosebumps all over my sensuous skin. Don’t put it on me, girl! Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, DON’T! (But do!!!)

New single. New album. Kurstin and Miss Manson. Stodden dreams. Shaking and crying!

The As If! EP was released on March 22.

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