Girls Aloud’s ‘Something New’ Almost Went to the Sugababes First

Before it became an Almighty Aloud hit, “Something New” was almost a Sugababes smash instead.

Girls Aloud and Sugababes, the two greatest U.K. girl groups of the ’00s (and beyond, objectively speaking), had a crossover moment – and no, we’re not talking about “Walk This Way.”

Let’s go back (in the day) a bit: founding Sugababes member (and Mutya Keisha Siobhan, if you’re nasty) Keisha Buchanan has a YouTube channel now. And in her latest upload on Wednesday (September 9), her first Q&A, Keisha answered a bunch of personal and Suga-related questions. (It makes for an interesting viewing session for fans in full, by the way.)

But there was one answer to a question in particular – about whether any other act had released an unreleased Sugababes song – that stands out as a surprise to everyone, to say the absolute least.

“We did work on a record one time. Actually, I might have some footage of that…it was us working on a track, we were doing tons of melodies. We decided it wasn’t really the direction that we wanted to go in, and that track became Girls Aloud‘s ‘Something New.'”

Not only did she make this revelation, but she also played us the proof: the short clip sees Keisha in the studio singing her own soulful and melodic take on an early version of the track, which as we know, the Aloud eventually used to kick off their Ten reunion in 2012.

As for why the ‘Babes aren’t credited on the final version is still a mystery, unless they didn’t actually pen those melodies themselves. We do know that the song’s credits are already a mini-Who’s Who of pop, featuring Xenomania’s Brian Higgins, Tove Lo, Florrie and Aloud’s own Cinderella’s Eyes chanteuse Nicola Roberts.

And now, nearly one decade later, we also know that one of Girls Aloud’s most mighty bangers also carries the essence of the Sugababes, making it exponentially more legendary.

Go girls, go, go, go, go, go indeed.

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