And now for something I wouldn’t wish upon my most mortal enemy in 2012: A bad date!

We’ve all been there: You’re having a classy first date at Applebees with this sort-of-cute guy you met on OKCupid, and then he tells you that he has a boyfriend already, three children, and that you need to foot the bill for the 2-for-$20 dinner because he’s saving his money as bail for his grandmother because “well, grandpa had it coming anyway.”

Judging by the girls’ surging new uptempo, it seems the frisky electro-pop femmes of Oh My! haven’t quite found their “Dirty Dancer” either: The girls rattle through about a bazillion delightfully hilarious bad qualities (“Stalking Stanley/Tall but not manly!”) and bad situations (“He left a tab in my name at the bar”) before coming to a very astute conclusion: “This is a bad date!”

Well, here’s the good news: This may be a bad date, but it’s far from a bad song.

The sizzling track was produced by DJ Michael Woods (responsible for that gorgeous new Little Boots cut, “I Wish”) and Amir Amor (responsible for that gorgeous new Diana Vickers cut, “Kiss Of A Bullet”), which is probably why the beat is oh so BANGIN’. Oh, and that beat drop of a chorus? It’s somethin’ fierce!

So remember friends: The next time you find yourself on a bad date, just kindly excuse yourself from the bar/table/backseat of the car and simply say that you’ve recently discovered that you’re pregnant. Then listen to “Bad Date” on repeat all the way home!

“Bad Date” was released on January 1. (iTunes UK)