The Garçon Garçon boys are back.

Over a year after the Aussie synth-pop duo dropped their sparkling debut EP (conveniently titled EP), and nearly three years since they first made a splash with their very first dreamy demos, the boys are kicking off the summer with a brand new single called “Instant Attraction” which, as the name would imply, is an immediate win.

Much like the rest of their dreamy discography, including “Maybe Tonight” and “Stay In Touch,” the hypnotic new single glitters with a certain tinge of wistfulness within the bouncy ’80’s-infused beats, giving off the slightest hint of The Knife (circa Deep Cuts) and Kleerup. “Let it go right, let it go wrong / Just let it go out,” Nathan croons. It’s gorgeous, sparkly and totally danceable — though it alway feels like there’s room for a few teardrops on the dance floor.

The accompanying video, which was co-directed by Shannon Pope and Nick Pes (a fellow Aussie synth-popper) sees the boys heading down to the basketball court, dropping down their boombox and teaming up with a colorful cast of skeptical hipsters. They all quickly get into the groove and start dribbling down the court — and then all over each other, resulting in some serious fireworks…literally. I won’t spoil the whole thing but, uh, I’ve got to sign myself up for a basketball league immediately.

It’s all very sweet and summery — just the right kind of song for the season.

“Instant Attraction” was released on June 18. (iTunes)