Wynter Gordon and Steve Aoki have a little score to settle between themselves: You see, they’re having a bit of a lover’s quarrel. (Or, as Dannii Minogue would say, a love fight.)

In the Mr. & Mrs. Smith-inspired clip for Aoki’s dubstep-happy “Ladi Dadi (feat. Wynter Gordon),” a track off his brand new album Wonderland, Gordon (who’s looking utterly ravishing, by the way!) and her love interest, Mr. Aoki, have more than just an eye for each other–they’ve got a fist, teeth and a whole lot of blood too.

From decadent dinner to all-out blood bath in mere seconds, this shit gets serious fast. Look at Wynter twirling those blades! And then that stair scene–oof! And then the balcony–OW! Fists flying everywhere…MERCILESS!

I still can’t tell whether or not this one was a fair fight (Wynter didn’t even get a chance to take off her earrings!), but I do know that Mizz Gordon is a fierce glamazon warrior who knows how to serve Kill Bill realness and throw the fuck down.

Pop ladies, you might need more than a few wig fasteners when Wynter comes through with new tunes in 2012.

Wonderland was released on January 10. (iTunes)