After a brief turn beating the shit out of Steve Aoki on “Ladi Dadi,” my darling Wynter Gordon is back in a loving (and less bloodthirsty) state of mind.

“Mr. Mister” is one of Wynter’s latest club collaborations, as well as the debut single by mystery production troupe, Sato Goldschlag. They’ve only just launched their Facebook and Twitter, but they’ve apparently been around for a while: “We’re a new group, though separately we continue to do a ton of work in music under different names for everyone from Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Rihanna, to Tiesto, Major Lazer and Dada Life.” Interesting.

Like Wynter’s unbelievably good collaboration with The Freemasons (“Believer”), “Mr. Mister” finds the dance-pop chanteuse diving into deep club territory: “Close the door, don’t you keep me waiting/Keep me anymore,” Gordon croons on repeat above a light electronica twinkle (which seriously reminds me of Björk‘s “Desired Constellation”–go figure!)

And then, the House beats come pouring in: “Write my name all over your heart,” Gordon triumphantly declares on repeat until the track pours into its surging synth breakdown. Pump, pump, pump it up!

For fellow suckers for chopped ‘n’ screwed vocals, the track gets even more delightful at the 4:30 mark as Gordon turns into a st-st-stuttering lovesick fool. Ooh, la la!

Still no idea who the Mr. Misters are, but with beats this blazin’, I can deal with a little Mr. Mystery if that’s how they want to play.

Congratulations on yet another club smash, Ms. Gordon!

“Mr. Mister” was released on February 14. (iTunes)