Will Young is really having his finest moment ever, isn’t he?

Between the premiere of “Jealousy” (one of my favorite songs of 2011), the heartbreaking Trapeze-inspired video, and the adorkable, Best In Show realness-serving clip for “Come On”, Young’s delivered nothing but pure quality from Echoes.

Now comes the video “Losing Myself,” the latest disco-tinged track off of his sensational 2011 record.

Watch below as the Pop Idol alum goes through the motions of a typical day at work and sees double, triple–no quintuple–along the way. Think incredible synchronized choreography, mirror play, and some rather handsome boys…sounds like a good time, right? It most certainly is.

Either Will’s suffering from a little bit of split personality disorder or just a much-needed visit to the optometrist. You decide.

But seriously-this entire campaign has been completely free of flaw. Bravo, Will!

Echoes was released on September 9 in the UK. (iTunes UK)