Prompted by news of the US 9th Circuit Court ruling Prop 8 unconstitutional earlier this month in California (HUZZAH!), Jessie And The Toy Boys has just unveiled the video for “Runaway,” a song inspired by the same unifying message every NO ON H8 advocate has urged: “Everyone deserves love.”

“Baby, we could runaway (Are we in love?)/Head in the clouds, got the radio loud,” Jessie dreamily ponders. From Jessie:

When I wrote ‘Runaway’ with DJ Skeet Skeet, we wrote it from the perspective of our 13 year old selves, who felt pressure from our parents and society to be something that we were not. The song is ultimately about breaking free and following your heart.

The video stars Mizz Toy Boys (and her Mannequins–never leave home without a plastic prince in tow!) and Mollie Thomas, the first openly gay woman running for Miss California, in a tale of unexpected romance. Watch below now!

As for the song itself, “Runaway” is gorgeously lush, recalling some of the icy synth sheen of Gwen Stefani‘s “Cool.” There’s something a bit magical within that chorus–the way Jessie’s voice floats above the twinkling synthesizers…it’s mesmerizing!

Digging the track too? Well, that’s good–’cause Jessie’s giving it away for free for Valentine’s Day NOW!

Funnily enough, this also reminds me of a track called “Hideaway” by the famously (and possibly just for TV) bisexual Tila Tequila, another “Let’s run away forever!” track that remains one of my favorite (being entirely serious) cutesy pop tracks ever, yet has never leaked in HQ. (Someone please get in touch and make this happen, I BEG OF YOU!)

Props to you for fighting the good fight for everyone, Jessie.

Happy Valentine’s Day…to ALL THE LOVERS!

PS: If you haven’t been following already, Jessie’s been unleashing a mini-series on her VEVO/YouTube–check out the first three episodes now!