I’ll admit it: I slept on Vanbot‘s 2011 debut.

Not that there weren’t enough people yelling at me about it–I just never got around to listening! Naturally, it was a dreadful mistake on my part.

The Swedish songstress’ (born Ester Ideskog–wise name change, no doubt!) self-titled record is a thoroughly free of flaw Swede-pop production, channeling the sad disco of Kleerup-ian Robyn, a bit of Lykke Li, and some of Canadian crooner Lights‘ latest album. It’s an absolute must listen, and if I’d actually given it a chance earlier, Vanbot would rank high on my Top Albums of 2011 list. (You can stream much of Vanbot right here.)

But there’s no time to mourn my missing the Vanbot train, because she’s already back with a new groove for 2012: “Got To Get Out,” which just premiered via Nylon Magazine.

From Nylon:

“Got To Get Out” is about my hometown Stockholm and how it’s filled with people experiencing a sense of isolation and separation, how it makes you feel lonely in a crowd,” she explains. “It’s fascinating that people can live so close together without really noticing one another. It’s about exploring the city nightlife and the tendencies people have to chase after the experiences that will cause the best story to tell the next day instead of enjoying the happiness of the moment.”

“The beat will guide us home, and we just got to get out tonight,” Vanbot cries out.

The production on Vanbot’s latest track still channels those Kleerup/Robyn electro-indulgence, but this time around, it’s actually closer to the ethereal, spaced-out synthesizer sound of The Sound of Arrows.

“Got To Get Out” will be released on February 28 as the lead single from Vanbot’s upcoming sophomore record, according to her official website. (And best of all, you can download it for free at Nylon!)

So hop on board now–don’t miss out for a year like I did!

“Got To Get Out” will be released on February 28. (iTunes)